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Release date:2017-10-19 Author: Click:

To further enhance fire safety education on employees, to improve emergency response capabilities, quickly and effectively organize fire safety evacuation, to master the correct method to use fire extinguishers and escape, with the strong support of the leaders and departments / workshop, the company and production centre jointly organized the "prevention first, safety first" as the theme of the summer fire drill on June 15, 2014. 500 people of managers and employees from all management, production, technology and other front-line participate in the fire drill.

After the drill the commander summarized and announced the success of this exercise. Through the fire evacuation and fire simulation exercises, the majority of employees strengthened "prevention first, safety first" awareness, improved the ability of self-rescue and escape, learned to help each other in case of emergency and the ability to escape; the fire drill called on everyone not to forget safety while working, to enhance safety awareness, calmly deal with the fire, and to do a really good security job. Afterwards employees said the company gave them a deep lesson in fire drills. Through this exercise, they know how to escape in case of a fire, how to organize fire distinguishing, how to mutually aid with other staff in a crisis, etc., and hope that this kind of fire drills will be conducted more. See the pictures in the following



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