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Shandong Vocational Animal Science and Veterinary College to our Company for Cooperation

Release date:2017-10-20 Author: Click:

At 14:30 on April 15, 2014, vice president Zheng Lisen of Shandong Vocational Animal Science and Veterinary College was invited to Luscious’ Group headquarters with his team, and warmly received by Dong Qinghai, the general manager of Shandong Luscious Pet Food Co., Ltd. With the principle of complementary advantages, resource sharing , the optimal allocation of human resources, training front-line high-quality talents, and the practical implementation of university student internships and employment issues, the two sides conduct exchanges and discussions on school-enterprise cooperation.

At the forum, vice manager of Human Resources Wei Shuying overviewed the Group with PPT. Dong Qinghai, general manager introduced the development of Luscious pet food in recent years, the development of employees education and the willingness of deep school-enterprise cooperation, meanwhile highly praised the previous graduates from Shandong Vocational Animal Science and Veterinary College for their outstanding performance in the Luscious Group. Vice president Zheng Lisen introduced the basic situation of Shandong Vocational Animal Science and Veterinary College, proposed five models of school-enterprise cooperation, and school-enterprise cooperative education approach, and fully affirmed that the school-enterprise cooperation enables both sides to share resources, to form a "learning workers combined, schools and enterprises win-win "excellent situation. At the meeting, the two sides reached a preliminary consensus on the five school-enterprise cooperation model as "college in factory", "Luscious classes", "internships", "research internship base," "resource sharing", and laid a good foundation for further cooperation between schools and enterprises in the future.

After the meeting, Vice President Zheng Lisen visited Taitou standardization duck breeding base and Yangkou pet food company production base.

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