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Luscious Pet Food was Rated the Top Ten

Release date:2017-10-20 Author: Click:

"Luscious Pet Food" brand was awarded the top ten industries certificate by China etiquette Leisure Products Industry Association. This honor marked the innovation capacity, the production quality standard system and the enterprise credibility of "Luscious Pet Food", own brands of Luscious Group has won the national recognition.

Chinese etiquette Leisure Products Industry Association affiliated in China Light Industry Federation; in the five years of its establishment, China Light Industry Association has done an outstanding contribution to declare national standards for the pet industry, industry statistics, industry policy support and so on. Shandong Luscious Pet Food Co., Ltd. has been a number of the association since 2007, also actively participated in the formulation of industry standards. In September 2012 Shandong Luscious was named China's etiquette Leisure Products Association executive director units. Through public recognition of conference organization and market promotion (CCTV kinds of pet sites), and through association "industry ten" publicity pictures, Luscious has outreached to expand the brand influence. 

Luscious started building a new plant in Yangkou Port Industrial Park in March 2011 for the processing and production of high-end pet staple food, snacks, export and domestic sales, a full-featured e-commerce marketing model; the company annual output is up to 50,000 tons and has become the largest production base in pet food industry.  

Luscious now has become pet food industry's top brands, the industry standards established with Chinese etiquette leisure products industry associations will also greatly promote the development of Luscious pet food!  


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